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Syria Live: Real-time Crisis Management

See how Netvibes helps government agencies visualize real-time information, we created Syria Live - a real-time crisis monitoring dashboard.

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Consumer social monitoring tools let you track a few Twitter accounts. But what if you need to analyze an entire country in real-time?

Don’t filter the entire web

One of the problems with real time is information overload with often irrelevant data, often caused by monitoring a firehouse of data that matches a basic set of keywords. Experts in their field have the best knowledge and experience to know which content sources are relevant to their focus. By enabling them to curate key sources, you end up with more on-topic, relevant data and better results and insights.

A flexible dashboard

Next, it’s important to be able to investigate the data intuitively in a flexible environment. For example, looking at sentiment, we can see that the stories trend negative overall which is not suprising. But if we look at how that rate changes over time we can see which time period had a particularly large amount of negative content and investigate further.

Real time: only useful if someone sees what changes

Finally, unless you have someone staring at a dashboard all day then you need automated alerts around flexible criteria so you know when you need to investigate something and what it is you need to investigate. The ability to set flexible, intelligent triggers around both absolute and relative limits is a must. It’s also important to be able to set up a wide range of alerts based on different data points and criteria.

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