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Social Media: Strategies for Life Sciences

Social Media: Strategies for Life Sciences Join us as we discuss the issues and best practices on social media for Life Sciences.

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See what top players in the Life Sciences industry are doing with social media and learn best practices from our Industry Experts!

Real-time Monitoring: Stay on the pulse in your industry

The Life Sciences industry has found social media to be an increasingly valuable source of consumer insight. Being in a highly regulated industry means keeping tabs on new FDA regulations and customer experience and insight. How should Life Science companies proceed with monitoring social media, given the regulated environment of the industry?

Competitor Analysis: Who’s monitoring what

Today’s top players are breaking new ground on monitoring social media. Monitor not only what your competitors are doing but how they’re going out and doing it. What conversation is GE Healthcare creating with it’s online community? Which social channels is Abbott Labs using to connect with users? See what best practices companies are forging when they happen.

Team Collaboration: Leveraging group analysis

With the constant inflow of new regulation and scientific research, having a tool to promote collaboration is key to identifying trending issues now and potential impending storms in the future. Utilizing every member of your team to develop consensus and opinion will be a key tool towards having greater understanding of the industry landscape.

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