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Kraft: A Social Snack Strategy

Kraft: A Social Snack Strategy. Kraft Foods is one of the leading global forces in the consumer foods industry. Watch the video and see what we discovered.

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See what makes Kraft a social snack force on the Web and how it maintains the top spot on the food chain!

A Social Strategy: Public relations by the public
In the face of negative press, Kraft still maintains to keep an exceptionally high sentiment rating among consumers. By focusing marketing resources on Social Media and customer interaction, Kraft leads the pack in consumer engagement and retention. See how other brands like ConArga and Unilever are now playing catchup.

Unusual Keywords: See what’s in Kraft’s cloud
At the beginning of 2012, “Illinois” was an unusual top keyword with “Kraft”. As it turns out, the annual Fight Hunger Bowl football tournament is sponsored by Kraft, and the “Illinois” State collegiate football team won the championship this year. See what other unusual patterns we uncovered on Kraft and its competitors.

Eye Candy: Kraft’s mission for visual brand identity
Kraft has the strongest visual brand identity among ConArga, Nestle and Unilever. The company has done a very good job at making their staple products, such as Mac n Cheese, synonymous with creative advertising and personal consumer identity.  This relationship helps Kraft benefit from a large amount of rich, interactive, user generated branding.

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