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Financial Services: The New Social Ticker

Financial Services: The New Social Ticker. See how financial firms can utilize real-time social content to drive decision making.

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Learn how financial services utilize social content and group collaboration to develop the next generation of innovation!

Innovation Challenge: Social Web, Social Finance?

As we’ve witnessed the social web unfold, so have more and more aspects of our daily lives. We have started to see product innovation in even the most traditional of financial firms, in not only mobile banking, but through social content as well. Top banks the world over are not only online, there is a conscious effort to reach a personal level with their clients in a manner never seen before.

Competitive Social Media: Who Earns Your Virtual Attention

When it comes to banks, not all are created equal. The same goes for their marketing strategies. Which institutions earn top marks for engaging with their customers, making them a memorable part of their social web, and which ones merely lull along with the tides of change? Who catches your virtual attention, and ultimately, your virtual currency?

Finding Opportunities: New Regulations as a Road Map

Surprise to some, not all in the finance industry loathe regulation. In the light of product innovation, regulations serve as a clear guiding principle for new and improved services and insights. We learn what experts already know on the upcoming integration of UCITS IV, and what to expect from new Solvency II rules.

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