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Detroit 2.0: The Big 3 Go Social

Detroit 2.0: The Big 3 Go Social. Detroit is back, and more social than ever. See the insights we’ve uncovered on the resurgence of the US auto industry.

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See Detroit’s resurgence back onto the world stage through it’s innovative use of social media and marketing!

Super Bowl Ad Spat: How it went down, and who came out on top

Detroit employed several unique approaches to their Super Bowl marketing campaigns. General Motors embarked on a more aggressive approach, calling out a competitor by name. Chrysler enlisted Hollywood and Ford simply stayed out of the limelight. See which approach resonated with consumers, and which one disappointed.

Detroit’s Social Strategies: How the Big 3 do social differently

As consumers become more connected, the Big 3 have used that opportunity to establish connections with not only current and prospective buyers, but with future waves of consumers. The Big 3 have tackled social media in a variety of ways, opening up more channels of corporate-to-consumer communication. Take a peek at what each one is doing, what’s working, and what’s next.

Business Sentiment: The differences in target audience perceptions

Corporate communications must speak the same message to as many groups of readers as possible. Controlling sentiment is an important factor in any communications strategy. We’ll analyze recent industry merger news and how companies are handling responses. See how analysts and financial experts see the deal, and what aspects of it regular consumers are concerned about.

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